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Police Ready: The new generation of Police Test Preparation

November 3, 2008

We all know that there’s always something a little bit sketchy about taking a preparation course online, but is there really? Since my first year of University, I have heard of people taking online courses that were worth as many credits as the same course taken in-class. Although I would have loved to wake up, grab a coffee and view a lecture online, or read course materials from the comfort of my bed (with my laptop beside me of course), I always felt that something is missing with these online courses, and I never could muster up the courage to register for one.

Well, it is the new era of technology where you can do almost anything online, so why not learn online? if you have access to everything else on the web, then why not learn through it. It’s easy, convenient, extremely inexpensive, and did I mention convenient? The web ultimately allows us to do things at our own pace, whenever we please. The same can be said about online learning materials, or in particular, online prep courses. In today’s world, every type or course that is taught through institutions are being converted into online course materials. And almost every industry that you wish to enter through an admission exam (LSAT, GMAT, DAT etc.), will have an online prep course to help you through the process. One type of online prep course is that of the Law Enforcement profession. The Police Ready online prep course is the epitome of a new generation, interactive online prep course. Two years ago, I would have never imagined that an online course could ever be as organized, as relevant, as comprehensive, and as awesome looking as the Police Ready system! With an incredible, cutting-edge design, mixed with advance, up-to-date, comprehensive learning content (including 6 practice exams that cover all provinces in Canada), the Police Ready system is indeed a revolutionary learning tool that will definitely pave the way for other online prep courses.

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